Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kenny MacLean

Another tragic loss yesterday Kenny MacLean, the bassist for Platinum Blond, passed away. MacLean was only 52, and was reportedly found on Monday by his sister, collapsed in the bathroom of his Toronto recording studio. An accomplished artist in his own right he had just released his third solo album "Completely".
...Although you would be hard pressed to hear anyone mention Platinum Blond today, back in the mid 80's they were an extremely popular and successful band credited with a string of hits that included "Hungry Eyes," "Crying Over You," "Standing in the Dark" and "It Doesn't Really Matter." As I've mentioned previously the 80's was an extremely creative era for music, it saw the birth of the New Wave genre, it was a time were artist and band alike on both small and large recording labels were free to experiment with new idea's new sounds and of course new looks. Platinum blond was part of that movement and although they were never my favorite, I did never the less respect them for their significant contribution . MacLean joined the band for their second album "Alien Shores" in 1985, which went quadruple platinum and featured their only US hit "Somebody Somewhere" he will be missed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Micheal Crichton

We lost another great man this month, Michael Crichton, passed away on November 4, 2008. I have to admit I've never been a big reader, not because I don't like it... I just never seem to find the time, but I was always a big fan of his work. I have read the following Crichton books: The Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Congo, and Sphere. It is always sad when a great storyteller dies and we are left wondering what other great stories we may have read if he had lived. He died of cancer in Los Angeles early this month, he was only 66. He will be missed...